1 Introduction

TkScript is a portable and free open source "glue" script language for C / C++ frameworks.
It is mainly designed for multithreaded audio / graphics / UI applications, and text processing tools.
Software written in TkScript includes
TkScript is accompanied by a set of add-on plugins / libraries that provide bindings for
TkScript has been tested on the following platforms:

2 License

TkScript is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPLv2).
The add-on plugins and libraries are distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser (library) General Public License (LGPLv2), or the MIT / BSD licenses (see plugin / library source for details).
Software written in TkScript may use any license (FOSS, closed source, ..).


3.1 Precompiled

The latest precompiled binaries for 64bit Windows 10 are here: (v0.9.80.6, 25Nov2022).

3.2 Source

The latest source-code packages are here:
How to build:
  • The first three packages (source, build, yac) are mandatory for building a command-line version of tks.
  • The remaining packages are optional.
  • Edit the toplevel makefile (makefile.linux or makefile.msvc) to choose which additional plugins will be built.
  • Edit+Run . or . to set up cross compiling / target platform / include+lib paths.
  • It is recommended to set up a shell alias for make invocation, e.g. alias m="make -j20 -f makefile.msvc"
Requirements / Prerequisites:
  • The Windows build environment requires MSYS2 and the Microsoft Visual Studio compiler, e.g. the free-as-in-beer Community Edition.
  • The Linux build environment requires GCC / G++, GNU make, and GNU Bash.
The plugin bindings use the YaC (Yet another Component object model) interface, and the YInG interface generator.
To rebuild the bindings for a specific module, run
$ m yac 
in the plugin (or tks-source) directory.

4 Examples

5 Tools

6 Games

For your amusement, some of the older stuff can be downloaded here:

7 Documentation

See here for language reference guide.
For historical purposes, here are the old changelogs from 2002 - 2015.

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